What is Joutchkov Fitness?

Joutchkov Fitness is my website dedicated to educating people in fitness, nutrition and training. I’ve been involved with sports & athletics my whole life and have been weightlifting since the age of 13. Through trial and error along with injuries and the hurdles of student life, I managed to build a respectable physique. Joutchkov Fitness will feature everything I have learned along my journey from diet, training methods, supplements, and routines. I will only be featuring and writing about things I have done before and giving my own opinions based off experience and scholarly articles. Joutchkov Fitness will be updated on a weekly basis with either new articles, pictures or diet tips.

About Me

My name is Artem I was born in the small town of Taganrog in Russia on May 21, 1996. I moved to Dallas Texas, USA in 2001 with my mother, so I grew up mostly in the USA. I have been involved in sports all my life from soccer as a 5-7 year old, taekwondo from 7-12 years old, gymnastics at 14 years old, flag football 12-15 years old, as well as doing tackle football, short and long distance track, cross-country, and wrestling. Throughout my years of doing sports I was always among the smallest in comparison to my teammates. My freshman year of High School I weighed 100lbs at a height of 5’6 and managed to graduated at 6ft 170lbs. I am currently attending UTD (University of Texas at Dallas) and am majoring in computer science. You can read about my fitness journey here. My goal in life is to prove that through sheer dedication anything is possible.