My Fitness Journey

Read about my journey from age 13 back in 2011 until now. Click on a year to open it up.

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The Beginning - 2010

2010_22010_1My weight lifting journey began in 2010 at the age of 13 when I was fed up with being the skinnest guy in my grade and wanted to put on some size for high school. I had a home gym which consisted of a bench-press, 20lb bar, 5lb bar, and 120lbs worth of plastic weights. I started the Spring of 2010 which was my first progress video (1 weeks) worth of progress LOL. I weighed 90lbs and was around 5’6 in height.



Slow Start - 2011

2011_1 2011_2The next school year I had already slowed down in my workouts and was struggling to gain weight due to the extra calorie expenditure of playing football and wrestling. That winter break was when I made my first big video Teen Bodybuilder Progress Video 3 and really started to get more consistent with my training and my YouTube channel. By Spring and Summer of 2011 some progress was made but in vain due to growing taller around 3 inches since the previous year. By the end of Summer 2011 I had gained my way to 130lbs and started my Sophomore year in High School.

Injury & Rebirth - 2012

2012_1That semester I dislocated my shoulder in football and messed up the cartilage and tendons surrounding my roator cuff. I attempted to wrestle that winter with my battered shoulder only worsening the injury. I stopped lifting until mid Summer 2012 to rehabilitate my shoulder. That Summer was when I got on a real upperbody/ lowerbody spit twice a week with a powerlifting foundation and began to eat a true calorie surplus. The picture to the left is September of 2012 weighing around 140lbs at 5’10 in height.

Consistency and Diet - 2013

2013_1I kept up with lifting heavy and eating crazy amounts of food and the progress really started to happen I made it up to 150lbs but ended up stalling out during my Summer visit to Russia. After that Summer I started to work at Sonic Drive In (Fast Food Chain) that Fall Semester to help with bills. So I stopped lifting until late 2013.

First Real Bulk - 2014

2014_1 2014_2I realized in 2014 that I had virually unlimited access to food at Sonic so I began to dirty bulk and eat literally as much as I could at work and then when at home take down mass gainer, protein shakes, and ramen. Didn’t matter what it was just as long as I got 4,000 calories. Spring and Summer were amazing thanks to the extra time I had due to being a Senior. I reached 170lbs and 6ft in height. However in the Fall I started at UTD and got annhilated by my advanced math and computer science classes so I was forced to let go of weightlifting once again for the sake of my grades.

Returned with a Goal - 2015

2015_1 2015_2 2015_3I started back up with lifting in late Spring right before school finished for the Summer. This time I decided I would compete that Fall in order to force myself to give it my all in order to do well in my competition. I decided on the JTF that was in late Spring. I bulked all the way back up to 172lbs and cut down to 160lbs stage weight for my competition. I ended up placing 2nd in Teens and 2nd in Mens Novice for my very first competition.

Everything Changes - 2016

2016_1 2016_2 2016_3Shortly after my competition I made some small gains but never managed to see over 165lbs lean. The first week of January I got a job doing Computer Sales at Frys Electronics and was required to work 30 hours per week while also maintaining my grades as a full time student. I stopped lifting and my diet dwindled to almost nothing. My weight hit a new low for height of 6’1 a jaw dropping 148lbs. However somethinglife changing happen to me in April and a new flame was ignited within me. I quit my job. I increased my training intensity and frequency to 6 days a week and focused all my time and energy on a PERFECT DIET no diary, no sugar, no bread, no fast food. Strictly lean meats and clean complex carbs along with vegetables. I plan on competing in November and winning the Mens Open Division.